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 Who is OWK?

    Legal Name:
    Sannyas-Name (Osho):
    Order-Name (Nath):


    Edgar M. Hofer
    Sw. Anand Vartman 
    Yogi Devananda Naatha 

    1963 in Voitsberg, Austria
    Programmer (1982-2005)

Spiritual Way / Teachers:

    Edgar began in the age of 12 naturally with Tantra and Meditation (Yoga Nidra).

    In the beginning of the 80s he started a career as programmer and founded some companies & two families. He became also member in the High IQ society 'Mensa'.

    But in the later 80s and 90s he went again more and more into spiritual search and studied different spiritual teachings of the West and the East.

    In the middle of the 90s he finally returned to Tantra and became student of the american teacher Bodhi Avinasha and was initiated in different techniques of tantric kriya yoga.

    This continued and resulted 1998 in dropping his former business-life and he started a spiritual journey to India. In Varanasi ("City of Light") - after intensive Training in kundalini-tantra - he was initiated in the order of the nath-yogis by Mahamahopadhyaya Acharya Dr.Vagish Shastri( B.P.T.) (devotee of Paramahansa Swami Rama MangalaDasa).

    After that he was OSHO-Sannyasin, too, but just for two days - then without intending and forcing he surprisingly disappeared (some call it "awake", others "Enlightenment", others "dying while living", others "birth of the real self" - call it as you like...). His "Birth-Helper" appeared just some minutes before in the form of a silent smiling Satto Babasanji.

    Edgar wrote - just to integrate the experience and to share it with others - the Book "Enlightenment - the real is Illusion, the Illusion is real". He lives and is this experience in the form of a normal human being.

    He described this experience and the days before also in english language some years ago: Enlightenmentstory of owk

    Update 2015:
    Yeah, very outdated page, the text above almost 12 or 13 years old. After that i became a more or less well known Satsang- & Tantrateacher in Germany, wrote alltogether eight books in german language, became also Nonduality-Speaker, online with a weekly live-show, and also offline as speaker on some gatherings of german satsang-teachers. Travelling in summertime through middle-europe, giving Satsangs and Kundalini-Tantra-Retreats; staying rest of the time since many years on a small island in the atlantic ocean called La Gomera.

    For contacting, find me on facebook or twitter - links top of page.
    Namaste! ?

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