What did you do to me?

What did you do to me?
I try to know, but there is nothing to know.
And I cannot do anymore, while there is nothing to do!

I want to express, but I dont know how.
While I was you, I was happy.
And now, you left me alone.
There is no "you" anymore.

Sometimes you look at me, I can see you.
I dont know, why I am still here.
You are in me, and you laugh at me.

When there is no outside and no inside anymore,
I will meet you again.
As long as I search you, you are hidden.
And only, because I forget,
that I am you...

The Ocean

While you are in the ocean
You don’t know
That everything is fine.
Someone has to tell you
„you are not free“
Just to start the search
For freedom.

When you reach freedom
Someone has to tell you
„Come home again“
Just to start the search
for oneness.

Remove the dust

If a beautiful table is covered with dust
one does not have to recreate the table
or paint "cleaness" over the dust...
all one has to do is just:
remove the dust...

don't paint a sky

The sky is there always...
dont paint a sky
onto the clouds...


I am enlightened.
You are enlightened.
One cannot become,
what he already is...


The truth is there
and it does not make any difference
in knowing or not knowing it.


Love is like the sky...
Truth is like the sky...
Bliss is like the sky...
Conciousness is the sky...
Everything else: Just Clouds


One cannot grow
without the clouds
that are bringing water


You cannot create the sky
nor can you destroy the clouds.
But watch them
and they will disappear
what remains
is YOU


There is no heaven.
and there is nothing else then heaven.
To find heaven
first leave it
then come back
and see:
you never left it.

Hello God

GOD is reading this lines
written by a stupid child
thank you, God, for visiting this Web-Page.


You cannot come back to God
cause you never left him.

What happened?

What happened to me?
Did anything happen to me?
Which maybe did not happen to you?
Whatever happens is just a happening
nothing to do with me
nothing to do with you

Coffee & Cigarettes

All these lines written...
my "meditation": coffee & cigarettes !


I had sex with the Universe
No: I am still having sex with the Universe

You wrote it

You read this lines
who is reading this lines?
Do you know, that you
wrote this lines?

I am

I am the Internet as well...

You are

There is no proof for God ?
YOU ARE this proof !!


I have to write these words
not because I want to teach
but I get very uncomfortable
in NOT doing so...


It does not leave me
until I have written it